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Academy of Applied Coaching®

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Mission statement


The primary objective of the Academy of Applied Coaching® is to provide quality coach training. We give our new coaches a perspective and, through them, support everyone else in making their world a better place.

The values we stand for:

  • Providing an excellent training service
  • Quality assurance
  • Encouraging personal development, innovation and creativity
  • We value and uphold the following principles: honesty, credibility, humanity, morality, trustworthiness, integrity, respect, discipline, a loving atmosphere, loyalty, trust, cooperation, acceptance, appreciation, communication, compromise, dedication, honesty, consistency, leading by example, punctuality, precision, helpfulness, professional humility, learning and improvement.
  • We comply with international ethical standards and consider ourselves bound by them.
  • We believe that sustainable development, forward-thinking and the practice of supporting the disadvantaged are crucial.

    Coaching as a lifetime opportunity!

    „If you had to sum up the essence of your work in one sentence, what would you write about it? (you said you consider yourself a builder and coach…)

    Help people close their past and build up themselves. It is not just how they want to see themselves, but who they really are, including the flaws and imperfections, from the acceptance and love of which strength can be forged. To see themselves as a whole, collected, organised, orderly. As a coach, I would say that.”

    (The full interview can be read in the magazine under the title ‘Chanting traditional human values’)

    Our applied coaching training is waiting for you!

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    Find out more about Concentrated Applied Coaching Training!

    What exactly does the name mean?

    CONCENTRATED, it covers all the basics of life coaching, business and executive coaching, sports coaching, psychology (only theory), individual and small group coaching techniques.

    APPLIED, since the aim is to master the techniques, models and tools that I use most effectively in practice. In addition to 105 hours of theory, the curriculum includes 50 hours on-site and 50 hours of private practice.

    COACHING TRAINING, which means you will not be a psychologist, therapist or counsellor, but a coach. Finally, we will help you figure out your own brand and take the first steps towards building your coaching career.

    The modules of the 155-hour discounted training course:

    Life coaching


    • introduction to the principles of EMCC, its objectives, uses and process
    • action-oriented coaching
    • principles of coaching, development of key-competencies, self-awareness, self-reflective journaling
    • transactional analysis
    • NLP coaching basic techniques
    • system-building with objects
    • facilitation and small group coaching techniques
    • mental preparation and nonjudgement when receiving clients
    • contract management and requesting an evaluation at the end of the process
    Business and executive coaching


    • concepts and applications of business and executive coaching
    • leader’s self-image, goal setting, achievement
    • levels of leadership and motivation
    • management technology: organisation, time management, delegation, developing the ability to motivate consciously
    • maintaining work-life balance
    • stress management, conflict management, burnout prevention
    • assertive communication, self-branding, brief-coaching
    • SMART goals, SWOT analysis, DISC model, GROW model
    Sport coaching


    • the concept of sports coaching
    • developing motivation in the athlete
    • overcoming external and internal obstacles
    • developing pain tolerance, willpower and endurance
    • meditation techniques
    • developing mindfulness and concentration
    • brain programming, goal setting, team sports
    Basic psychological knowledge

    Our students will acquire the basic principles and have sufficient scientific knowledge of the subject. They will also learn to recognise both the limits of their competencies and when their clients need a psychologist to direct them to the appropriate professional.


    • historical background and theoretical trends in the science of psychology
    • the structure of the brain, our conscious and unconscious mind
    • social pressures and social psychology
    • developmental psychology and mid-life crisis
    • acquisition of basic concepts such as stress, anxiety, psychosomatics, burnout, cognitive dissonance, narcissism, depression, intuition, reflection and self-reflection, attention and perception

    Contents of the discounted package offer

    • Training material for 4 modules
    • learning about coach ethics
    • 155 hours of theoretical and practical learning with continuous self-reflection, competence development and feedback
    • 50 hours of private hands-on experience
    • a synthesising approach – to see the parts as a whole and apply your knowledge confidently in a real-life situation
    • real case studies
    • support to get started, build your brand, marketing, work offline and online
    • an approach to creating your autonomy
    • mentoring
    • a practical, supportive examination system
    • small group lessons (10-14 people)
    • final module and final exam fees
    • certificate in Hungarian and English

    Your teachers

    Dobrókáné Tóth Olga

    Olga Dobróka, a philologist in English and American Studies (MA) and high school teacher, life coach, business coach, sports coach, children’s coach, Neurolanguage Coach®

    “I lived in London for a year at the beginning of my career, so I speak British English. My passion is language teaching. I feel most delighted when I manage to make students who have detested English change their attitude and fall in love with language learning.

    I am keen on learning and teaching methodology. I have been reading and collecting tips and tricks published in the Hungarian and international bibliography for so long, and now I apply the ones I am convinced will serve my students’ development the best.

    As a language coach, my goal is to get my students to break down their barriers. I also focus on the future so their energy may lead them towards their own goals. Over the past 25 years, I have taught all ages from kindergarten to seniors, online and offline, individually, in pairs, in small groups and classroom settings. I am familiar with the obstacles, ups and downs, and excuses. Not only am I determined to expand my students’ linguistic knowledge, but also to build a commitment to learning a language. You know, a positive attitude is already half the battle.”

    Dr. Váradi Éva coach

    Éva Váradi, dr., The institution’s Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer

    “After graduating in law, I successfully built up several businesses and worked with over 20,000 people. Many people requested my help through mentoring, where the benefits of the conversations could be seen in both financial and private changes. I subsequently completed two coaching schools and an advanced course in psychology at the college level in London. As a coach, I worked with a considerable number of clients in approximately 5000 hours of sessions.

    I have gained experience in leadership development, both in hard and soft skills development, mental training, facilitation, small group coaching, assertive communication, use of NLP, Transactional Analysis and brief coaching. I have developed my own method based on scribing and its neurobiologically proven effectiveness. I have started a process heading towards the EMCC Master Practitioner level.

    During my work, clients often indicated that they would like to learn from me if there is an opportunity. Well, this is how I established this school. It is essential to agree with and practise with my students the fundamental human values of honesty, authenticity, humanity, morality, trustworthiness, respect, discipline and a loving atmosphere.”

    Details of the training

    Next course:

    Location: ONLINE

    Dates: March/April 2023

    Price: 2900€

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