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My name is Dr. Eva Varadi and I am a business, life and sports coach.

How comfortable we feel in our skin largely depends on our point view. Our point of view is shaped by our mental state, inner thoughts and our emotional and spiritual settings. The symbol of E v e C o a c h expresses a complex and attainable balance in all areas of life from the physical throughout the mental, spiritual parts of life.

I have been dealing with self-improvement and mentoring for thirteen years now. I work as a sports, business and life coach, wingwcoach, counselor or mentor trainer.

In addition to the above, I have also gained experience in management technology, private and marketing communication, motivation and leadership of people and groups, and public lectures (in front of huge audience) in sales. I used to work with people of different genders, ages and values.

If you feel:

felsorolas you want to change at your workplace, your private life,

felsorolas thinking of changing the lifestyle,

felsorolas you would like happier, more complete, balanced life

felsorolas you want to finally set goals and achieve them

felsorolas you want to learn to handle internal and external conflicts in your life

felsorolas you would like a greater self-confidence, self-respect

felsorolas you want to discover your own values and to see clearly about yourself

felsorolas you want to see the possibilities

felsorolas you want to get the most out of your circumstances, yours and your possibilities

felsorolas you want to become a professional from a beginner(in sport or business)

felsorolas if you want to fight successfully with the signs of

felsorolas if you want to develop your stress-tolerance,your failure tolerance

felsorolas you want to be satisfied with yourself

felsorolas you wantspiritual and mental health preservation

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Core Definitions


A mentor is a type of person that guides others to attain their goals by using their personal experinces.
Very important, that he just share his experience, it is not coaching especially, but he can do this in coaching type. He helps you to determine the goal and to accompany you on your road, so this is a longer-term co-operation. It may includes helping to start the process and change directions, choose the perfect diretions an control.


It must include the participation of a qualified consultant. The process provides an opportunity for the client to develop their self-knowledge, explore their potential, and initiate change. (Dr. Mariann Móré's lecture, University of Debrecen, 2009) It usually needs casual sessions.


During coaching, we work with different tools, models, images, transaction analysis tools, NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and system delivery methods. The process mainly focuses on the present life and future solutions, and deals with the past to a necessary degree. It can helps you to shape new behaviors, create new habits, and change the point of view. It may be short, medium, and long-term cooperation.

wingwawe® coaching:

Wingwave coaching is a special coaching tool that combines NLP, Omura's muscle test or finger ring test and EMDR or bilateral stimulation. We work directly with the emotional brain, the limbic system, in an wakeful state. It is a very pleasant process for both the client and the coach because it requires very little talk but is very effective. During my work, I use it continuously when fits the situation.

When do we use it?

  • creativity and idea-coaching
  • sport coaching
  • perfomance coaching
  • actor and action coaching
  • body image coaching
  • addiction coaching


    First time
    (before coaching session)

    For the first time, we get to know each other and familiars ourselfes and the concept of coaching. The purpose of it to develop the framework of possible and effective cooperation. If my knowledge, my offer, my personality are sympathetic to you, we agree on the price and sign the contract for the process. If you foreign coachee we can work on skype or Facebook video messenger.

     felsorolas The first time is 40 pounds (40 minutes).

     felsorolas One session is 100 pounds (40-60 minutes).

     felsorolas Special discounted price for members of V.I.C. (Very Important Coachee) system is 60 pounds (40-60 minutes)- follow me on Facebook for news and special offers.


    Thank you for your interest!
    I contact you on email, or telephone as soon as possible!

    Have a nice day!